Comparing Continuation School to Galileo

By Ruben D., Staff Writer

From my experience, I think that continuation school is better than regular high school. It’s simple, it’s fun, and you get the help you need a lot more than at a regular high school. If regular school should be more like continuation school it would be better for everyone because I think that it would really help with the attendance problem and credit problem. Entering school later would definitely help with the problem of students not showing up/going late to their first period classes since they would have more time to get to school.

Continuation school is an alternative school for students who are at risk of not graduating, most students who go to continuation school are behind on credits for high school. Continuation schools main goal is to help the students make up the credits that they need while also teaching them what they need to learn.

I went to Ida B. Wells for 7 months, it’s located right across the street from Alamo Square, and I thought it was fantastic. Everyday school would start at 9 am and get out at 2 pm, but on Wednesday you get out at 1pm. I think that going in one hour later helped me a lot with getting to school on time, plus I was able to sleep in a little bit later, whereas at Galileo, school starts at 8 am, 

For me, the main reason I ended up at Ida B. was because I would wake up late and I’d always miss first period so it was just a constant thing and then it became a habit of mine, and by the middle of my junior year I wouldn’t come to school until the beginning of 4th period.  So I think that regular schools should shorten the time of the classes and that school should start at 9 am. 

Another difference I noticed was the staff at Ida B. Wells were really great, they were always around when you needed to talk to them. It was much easier to talk to a counselor and the principal at Ida B. than at Galileo because at Ida B., if you walked into the main office, both the counselors and the principal would always be in their office,  and if they weren’t, it was very easy to find them or to talk to them afterwards. I think it is due to the fact that Ida B. is tiny compared to Galileo, and the student population at Ida B. is only around 200 whereas at Galileo the student population is more than 2,000 and the size between those two numbers are very different. 

At Galileo what I noticed is that the counselors are always very busy and they’re never in their offices so you always have to go and check if they’re in, or you have to leave a message with someone and wait until someone calls for you. And sometimes they’re so busy with other students, paperwork, and meetings that they forget who they need to talk to.

I feel like that’s another thing that Galileo can work on and take away from Ida B., just having people in the counseling office ready to help or at least give students an estimated time of when you’ll be back so we don’t come back 3-4 times just to see that you’re still not there.

A final thing I enjoyed more was that the classes and classwork were a lot more simple at Ida B. Going to school later, having shorter classes, less classes, and no homework really helped with paying attention in class. I found it much easier to listen and do my work because I had less classes to worry about and I was able to rest a little more than if I were at Galileo.

Each of my classes only had about 10-15 students, which is better for people who need the extra help from a teacher. Since there was no homework I didn’t have to worry about that at home, instead at the end of each quarter each teacher would give out a project that was worth 2 credits and would make up for the lack of homework.

If Galileo was more like Ida B. I wouldn’t have needed to go to Ida B., if feel like it could really help students out with credits, but sometimes continuation school is a better choice for other student who are really far behind, some people need that extra help in the classes.

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