By Rowin Galvez, staff writer

For the past 5 years, Ms. Aiko Sakura, has been teaching students at Galileo how to play the piano. She decided to be a piano teacher specifically at Galileo school because it was the only school that fit well with her schedule, both time and distance, but more importantly she wanted a career where she was able to teach students how to play her favorite instrument in the world. 

Ms. Sakura has loved to play the piano ever since she was in kindergarten, taking private piano lessons in Japan. She said, “Starting with those lessons, I’ve  always felt like my musical talents with the piano are one of my greatest strengths.”

When she was around 19 or 20 years old, she went to a college in Tokyo where she decided to study and major in English. She chose to study English because she was influenced by the American films that she would watch back in Japan. She was also focused on the idea of English being a world-wide language and she believed that if she understood it, then it would be easier to receive opportunities that America may have possibly had for her. 

At 25, Ms. Sakura moved to the United States and decided to pursue English even more. When she arrived in the U.S., she chose to live in San Francisco, attending San Francisco State. During her time in college, she studied English as a side class and decided to major in Music Education since playing the piano was her main dream. While she was at S.F. State, Ms. Sakura had a part-time job where she privately taught people how to play the piano.

After she graduated SF State with a Bachelor in Music Education,  Ms. Sakura began teaching in different elementary and middle schools including, Hoover Middle School. After much trial and error with different schools,  she has found the school that matches what she wants at Galileo. Overall, Ms. Sakura is happy with her career along with her life. She said, “I’m happy to be where I am now.” 

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