Being Well With Fruit

By Staff Writer, Kristen Zee

 Everytime you walk into the Wellness center at Galileo, students can always count on a few things; someone to greet you, water in the dispenser if you’re thirsty, and fruit on the counter for anyone to grab, whether it’s apples, bananas, or oranges. 

But how does Wellness always have a stocked pile of fruit for students, and where does it come from? The answer is, The Marin County Foodbank drops off a big box of different fruits once a week so students who are hungry can always have a snack to fill them up. In addition to the fruits, Wellness also receives other snacks; such as graham crackers and string cheese, which can run out in just a couple of days. They usually get 2 boxes of fruit and a handful of crackers and string cheese per week. 

“It’s nice to know that wellness gets a weekly and steady fill of fruit every week,” said Community Health Outreach Worker, Auxi Trejos.  

Students are grateful they have a place like Wellness to be able to just pick up something quick and easy to eat. Junior Christina C. said, “I go Wellness because I always know there will be fruit. The lunch lines have fruit but it’s more convenient for students to just grab fruit and go (from Wellness).”  Junior, Romaissa K. added, “They always have fruit in wellness so I can go by at almost any time and grab an apple as a snack”  

The fruits and snacks Wellness receives is not just for the students, but for everyone at Galileo. Wellness will often send out an email to staff members, usually about once a week, or sometimes three times a month, inviting teachers to come pick up fruit for themselves and to work with other teachers to have fruit in their classrooms for hungry students. They also give fruit to the main office so teachers can also pick up some from there too. 


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