My Dream Quinceanera

By Myriam M. 

When I was 6, I got to be a part of my cousins Quinceaneras. I was the one who carried the doll to my cousin during the party. Ever since then I knew that I wanted my own quinceanera. Everyone has always told me a quinceanera marks an important milestone in a girl’s life in Latin culture. It’s part birthday, and part rite of passage; it recognizes a girl’s journey from childhood to maturity. 

A quinceanera is a hispanic tradition that celebrates a girl becoming a woman on her 15th birthday. It’s similar to a wedding because it’s a similar process for the person who is celebrating their quinceanera. It’s usually celebrated with a ceremony, followed by a large party, which includes family and friends. 

The person celebrating their quinceanera has a lot of decisions to make. She has to decide on the venue, church, dress, makeup, hair, food, cake, and a theme. For most girls, it takes them about a year to decide on all these things. 

Another decision you have to make for a quinceañera is for the waltz. You decide on who you want in your court; it can be anyone from your brother or sister, little cousins, uncle, older cousins, or your friends. 

For my quinceanera, trying to find the venue was pretty difficult, since there were going to be over 200 people attending. So we had to find a spot that would fit 300 people, had a kitchen, and it also had to be near my house. 

There weren’t that many nice venues around my house, until one day my cousin did some research and found one. My dad and I decided to go check the place out, and we fell in love with it. It was perfect, it had a large space to fit 300 people and a large dance floor. It also had the perfect kitchen for my dad since he was going to cook. So we put the deposit in and rented the space out. In terms of my dress, I was really decisive on picking my quince dress because I wanted a big and puffy one. 

Overall, planning my quinceanera was an exciting experience because I knew that all my family was attending. Days passed by like it was nothing, and before I knew it, it was the day of my quinceanera. 

The day of my quinceanera became one of the most unforgettable moments in my life. One of the things that made my quinceanera unforgettable was arriving to the venue and making my grand entrance and seeing how many people came, I said to myself, “OMG, I can’t believe all these people came to my party”, and honestly I will never forget that moment because it meant alot to me that all my family came out. Most of them I haven’t seen in a long time so I was happy to see them there. I was also happy because I got to share a very special day with them and they took time out of their day to spend it with me. Having a quinceanera was one of the most incredible decisions I’ve made in my life and I will never forget it. 

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