By Suzannah C.

More than 50 students at Galileo protested the closing of 4 Galileo bathrooms by walking out of class into the courtyard during 4th period on Friday March 6th. While teachers tried to usher students to class, the more determined students continued fighting for the cause. 

The group of students debated against teachers and faculty members about the unfairness and ‘inhumane’ closing of these bathrooms, while also mentioning their right to the 1st Amendment. After the administration met with some of the students, one of the students announced that they had come to a resolution with the bathrooms being reopened, but if something bad were to happen again, the bathrooms will be closed.

Staff members understood how students felt, although they also would have liked to have seen students use a better approach. An anonymous faculty member said, “The administration is going to do a much better job at working with the students to let them know that we understand that they are frustrated. Being a part of the safety team at Galileo, I understand how students safety is tied right now to us being able to fix the bathrooms that have been vandalized, and to help students and staff members who feel ill or sick from the smell of marijuna. We want to get these things under control but we wanna have a meaningful dialect..

Students felt they were able to get their message across and that the administration was trying to see the student’s side. An anonymous student said, “they’re (administration) going to do weekly meeting with students, anyone who wishes to come to discuss what’s happening in the school, because we all agree, all of us (students & staff) there hasn’t been enough corporation between students, administrator and whomever; that a lot more corporation needs to happen. And they (the administration) are willing to work with us on this.”

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