Traumatic Childhood Memory

By Anonymous

For about 5 years, from preschool to 4th grade, my hands were covered with numerous warts everywhere. While I don’t want to remember these trying times, it’s also an undesirable event I fail to forget. From confronting bullies at school to receiving unconditional love and trust from my family, this is a bittersweet story of my younger years.  


Being innocent and clueless back when I was in preschool, I always wondered why my hands appeared to be slightly different from everyone else. Having one abnormal bump sticking out from under my thumb started to get me intensely annoyed. Therefore, I went and questioned my mom about it. Even after she defined what it was to me, my younger self nevertheless didn’t apprehend a single thing she said. I then end up ignoring the reality that hadn’t yet become a hassle. 

While I was in elementary school, the surface of my hands gradually started growing additional smaller bumps which eventually grew bigger each day. The more terrified I was of the ugly appearance of my hands, the more confidence I lost. I refused to attend school anymore. But without a choice, I was pressured to head back to school by my parents. As expected, I received many negative comments from my classmates such as “What is wrong with your hands?” At that moment, I thought of what I did wrong to deserve such criticism. After that day, I still went to school regularly and tried avoiding everyone at school as much as I possibly could. Fortunately in my case, it occurred to be non contagious.


At this point, my mom was extremely distressed concerning my condition. She hurriedly went to discover whatever treatment there was to make the warts on my hand disappear. The first solution I tried was applying black acidic powder on each and every wart; however, it developed into a terrible and agonizing accident which almost burned my whole thumb off, leaving a frightful scar behind. After trying a couple of different options, the last and final treatment that successfully got rid of all the warts on my hands was by using liquid nitrogen to painfully freeze each of them off. 


After a 2 month recovery from the liquid nitrogen, I felt like a whole other person. The feeling of relief overwhelmed me. I no longer felt the sense of being outcast because of the insecurities of my hands. It’s like a curse had lifted off of me. I finally felt as if I was the same as everyone else. If I were to still have warts today, I would guess I’d probably be homeschooled and not even be at where I am today. 


Through this experience, I’ve learned that no matter how hard things get, do not give up too easily and pleasure in the small moments of joy in life because they are so precious. As long as I am alive, there is no excuse to say I can’t. Anything is possible.

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