Coronavirus vs Sports

By Staff Writer, Sasha Stremlow

While the SFUSD is shutting down all schools starting March 16th due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the SFUSD canceled all extracurriculars as well all non-essential activities outside of school since March 5th. These non-essential activities include all sports events, both games and practices. Galileo athletes and coaches have been left disappointed about the cancellation as it has put their season on hold.

Some coaches are understanding towards the situation as it affects all schools, not just Galileo. Boys volleyball coach, Mark Huynh, said,  “I get two weeks off, we all get time off. It’s a good thing but the hard work getting put in and getting shape and getting to a high level. It sets everyone back to the beginning and we’ll be out of shape unless they work out on their own, it’s good because all schools are at same level playing field  so everyone will be out of shape too, frustrating but obviously there are positives”

Other coaches left wondering what the next step for spring sports will be. Softball coach, Nathan Barone, says, “It’s difficult because I don’t know what to expect for the rest of the season. Pro sports are being cancelled everywhere, so it’s hard to be sure we’ll get to play again. This is saddening, as we all worked hard to grow as a team the first six weeks, but now that growth is halted. I hope that if we get back out there soon, we’re able to pick up where we left off. Mostly, I’m just sad for the girls on the team. Having the refuge of the team every day is a huge positive for their lives, and I hate that they’re missing that right now.”

Some athletes are frustrated by the situation, given the goals they have set for themselves.  Track athlete, junior Anthony Zhang, states, “My goal this year for track is to win city and go to state and hopefully place in the top 12 of state, which means that I have to train hard. However, knowing that I can’t practice, i won’t be able to improve and get ready for competition and be a couple weeks behind which pisses me off. But at the same time, I Don’t care as much cuz I can still train for myself at kezar. The only disadvantage is that I can’t have my coach with me when I workout on my own.”

Other athletes are more understanding, given the situation as a whole. Softball captain, junior  Kylie Lim states, “I’m a little disappointed because I can’t play softball for a really long time and now I don’t even know if we’re gonna even have a season. As a captain I want the best for my team and myself as a player but I think this is gonna set back our progress and our whole team as whole. I think it’s a smart move because we don’t want more sickness and we don’t want to prolong the spread of the virus and I wouldn’t want anyone to get it because it would spread really quickly in a team type environment. But yeah I’m disappointed but at the same time it may be the right thing to do”


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