By Kristen Z.

Many high school juniors were anticipating a strenuous Saturday morning on March 14th because of the SATs, but because of the coronavirus scare, many schools have closed down cancelling the exam. The following schools in San Francisco are no longer holding the SAT’s; Archbishop Riordan, Immaculate Conception Academy, Sacred Heart Preparatory, and Saint Ignatius are all of the following SAT testing centers. As of now, students who planned on taking the test at one of these locations do not know what Collegeboard will do, or what the plan is for retaking the test. 

While some students were disappointed to hear the news about not being able to take the test, others actually feel like they caught a break. Junior Sophia B., said“I have more time to prepare because my time management was not as effective as it could have been.” Junior Finn L. added, “I’m actually fairly happy because i get more free time and with that time i can complete my other assignments.” 

Others felt like it was an overall positive move. Junior Tiffany D. stated, “It shows that College board actually proves that they care about students’ health, but I like the cancellation because it gives me more time to study.” 


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