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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Affordable DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Can’t afford a Christmas gift for your friends this year? Try these cheap thoughtful DIY gifts that your friends can use and appreciate. All things can be found at home or purchased for under $10. Holiday Gift Basket Put a variety of gifts: fruits, candy, hygiene products (perfume, lotions), fuzzy socks, small snack    

Bring School Loop Back

For the past 6 years, I became used to using School loop to check my grades and keep myself updated on school announcements and events. Many teachers and parents alike also grew accustomed to using this system where parents can keep updated on students’ grades and teachers can record attendance and keep an organized view

Changes in G-House TV

Last year, media arts students working on G-house TV realized that the broadcast was not meeting the expectations of the viewers, so they decided to revamp the broadcast. The goal was to present something new and different to the viewers each time they watched while keeping them entertained. According to G-House advisor, Mr. Machtay, this