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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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A “Sailway” to Success

While the homecoming dance and winter ball were disappointments with very low attendance at each, Galileo’s boat dance, “Sail Away” on March 11th, was the first successful dance that made money this year. The line to get onto the boat wrapped around the nearby building, as nearly 300 participants excitedly waited to enjoy a night out on the bay.


By Tyler Huey Being the best players on the girls Galileo soccer team is really no surprise as junior Parker J.  has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old. Parker has started at the forward position for the Galileo since she was a freshman, averaging 3 goals per game. She led the team

Naomi wins award for LGTBQ Support

By Ameesia Marold The face of Wellness at Galileo, Ms. Naomi Forsburg, recently won the California Teachers Association Leadership in Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Award. Galileo school nurse, Ms. Susan Kitchell, nominated Naomi for the award. Nurse Kitchell points to a number of reasons why Naomi was deserving of the award. Among those reasons

Valentines Day Poll

By: David & Josh With Valentine’s day coming around the corner we asked the Galileo students and staff ” What is your best pick up line?”.                           

Caution: “Senioritis” Lurking

by Angel Salado Senioritis is the disease that I was constantly warned about throughout high school, but it all changed when I was staring down at my senior year. Facing college applications, deadlines, prom, graduation, it can be overwhelming, and when the slightest thought of being completely done consumed my body, senioritis took over. I

Winter Ball “Ice Cold Formal Affair” 2016

By Tyler Huey and David Zhu, staff writers Continuing from the downfall of the Homecoming Dance, Galileo’s Winter ball plummeted in attendance with no more than 120 students. The ASB hoped that at least 300 students would attend the dance, especially because it was held on Wednesday, December 14th, the last day of finals so

Ballin’ with Lady Hoopster Annie Wu

By Bryan Lam and David Zhu, Staff writers   After dropping a defender with a crossover during last season, junior point guard Annie Wu has been known as one of the best ball handlers on girls Galileo Varsity Basketball team. Her basketball handle helped her average about 15 points per game, while also dishing out

WORK WORK WORK WORK-ing out at school

Galileo Spirit week Day three : Workout Wednesday By David Zhu, Staff writer “Why did you decide to dress in workout gear to show your Galileo school spirit today?” “Because it’s what I usually wear” -Julian H. 12th grade  “Because our class needed points” – Roalla T. 12th grade            

Who are you twinning with ?

Galileo Spirit week Day two : Twin Tuesday By David Zhu, Staff writer “Why did you decide to dress as twins/triplets to show your Galileo school spirit today?” “Because we love galileo” – Samantha F. 12th  grade “We chose to be triplets because we love showing our spirit even though we are the few people

Rolling out of bed to school

Galileo Spirit week Day one : Pajama Monday By David Zhu, Staff writer “Why did you decide to dress in PJs to show your Galileo school spirit today?” “I dressed today because I have school spirit.”  – Yanny J. 11th grade “It is convenient to get out of bed and come to school.” – Roalla T.

Principal’s Vision for a Better Galileo

By Tyler and David – Staff writer To improve the overall look of the school, Galileo’s principal Dr. Reimer has plans to make major renovations to some of the facilities at the school. One of the projects, the Van Ness gym is already almost complete, and Dr. Reimer also hopes to revamp the cafeteria, bay

SQUARE Brings Efficiency To Galileo ASB

By David Zhu and Tyler Huey, Staff Writers  True to the reputation of Galileo as a school of technology, the ASB purchased a new system called SQUARE at the end of May 2016, to help the store run more efficiently by keeping track of inventory and to secure cash flow. The SQUARE system includes a iPad, iPad stand, register,