Author: Glen Colorado

2018 Galileo Press Staff

Galileo Press, the Online Pendulum is a vehicle for instructions as well as a forum for youth viewpoints on topical issues. The ideas and opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the view of; the...

Lunch Crowds

Everyday, Galileo students rush out of their 4th period seats to go find lunch. Some run to the Wharf to be first in line, while others try to get on a bus in order...

Ms. Bohannon – Inspired Counselor

 Inspired by a counselor in high school who helped her overcome a learning disability,  new attendance counselor Ms. Maddy  Bohannon, decided she wanted to help others by becoming  a counselor herself. In the past her...

Remodeling of Van Ness Gym

Remodeling of Van Ness Gym

Van Ness Gym Before & After! Windows and lights have been fixed, and old curtains were removed. Junior student, Ram Locsin said, “I enjoy the gym and that it looks more inviting.”