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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Review: Netflix’s Black Mirror

The Netflix series Black Mirror is a breathtaking and mind-blowing series that keeps you on your toes and make you question what the future might look like.The show portrays how society may exist if technology controls the choices people make.  The show is a British science fiction series, who’s director, Charlie Brooker, creates terrifying fictional

AIDS Quilt Visits Galileo

Galileo high school had the pleasure of hosting a panel of the historical AIDS quilt displayed in the auditorium on Tuesday, December 12th. The quilt was presented by Naomi from the Wellness Center, who also talked about HIV awareness and the history behind the AIDs quilt. The quilt is 48,000 individual 3-by-6 foot memorial panels

Why Teachers Need to Discuss Current Events

Over the last few months there have been many appalling events in the news. My family, friends and I would usually discuss these events together, expressing our disbelief. The next day, I go to school hoping to have a discussion or gain more knowledge about these current events, but instead no one would talk about

Wagner’s Friday Fashion

As a way to promote more school spirit, English & Spanish teacher, Ms. Wagner, has decided to wear Galileo gear every Friday at school. As a teacher at Galileo for the last 18 years, Ms. Wagner has always been very supportive of the school while also  making the school year more enjoyable. Ms. Wagner first

Dr. Reimer reassigned

An accumulating amounts of events led former Galileo principal, Dr. Reimer, to be reassigned at the beginning of this school year. According to different staff members, there were four main reasons for him to be reassigned. Dr. Reimer is now working at the central office at 555 Franklin St at the Curriculum and Instruction Office

Miss Stiles – Zest for Pets

A passion for animals is the motivation behind Miss. Stiles becoming a high school chemistry teacher. She has always loved animals and got her first pet, a rat, at age 7, which was named Julia and  always had 2-3 pets in the house growing up. Miss. Stiles, decided to turn her passion into a major