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Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Procrastination is Concentration

Procrastination is one of the best things I have learned to do for school related things. After reflecting on my four years of high school, I ultimately decided to give procrastination the recognition it deserves. Procrastination, the act of delaying or postponing work, and its effects can vary on the person, ranging from doing horribly

Inauguration Student Protest is Full of Disappointment

A student from the politics club at Galileo, helped organize a second protest against President Trump on inauguration day, January 20th, with the idea of protesting on Inauguration Day originating from students from Leadership High School. The first student protest this school year, held after Trump was elected President on November 10th, which was organized

Fanfiction? What is that?

The Fifty Shades Trilogy is one of the biggest book sellers in the world. It has sold over 125 million book copies worldwide, an impressive feat for E. L. James. The books received such a good response that they were made into a movie franchise that has made millions. What many people don’t know is

Lion’s Whisper: Clinton vs. Trump

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Editor and Stephanie Lee, Staff Editor One of the biggest news events  in the country, is the United States’ presidential campaign. With the history that Hillary Clinton and Trump have, any talk around the election has become controversial. Now that the election is here, we had to get Galileo’s opinion on what they

Debate Club Arrives at Galileo

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writer As a way to achieve his goal of becoming a master debater, club founder, senior Francisco Chavez-Zapata decided to form the debate club, one of Galileo’s newest clubs this year. He decided to form the club after taking Ms. Ung’s U.S History class final, which included a huge debate. “I

Lion’s Whisper: What does Galileo think about the clown sightings?

By Joseline Saucedo and Stephanie Ho, Staff Writers With Halloween approaching, clowns have become the new trend. Although this scare trend started in the East Coast, there have been sightings of clowns on the West Coast. Clowns have not only been terrorizing people, but also killing them. As the clown situation arises, fear is being embedded

Where did the Macs go?

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writer The disappearance of the macs in room 260, might’ve taken students by surprise at the beginning of the new school year, especially those who frequently used them. Although not a lot was announced on the chromebooks replacing the macs, Galileo principal Dr. Reimer has explained why the computers had to

Welcome Assembly Shows Off New Performances

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writer Having done things under a different light, this year’s welcome assembly was considered one of the best by Mr. Wing, the organizer of the assembly. Galileo decided to have performances in the dark, showing a different side from the performers, as well as Kevin Truitt [the Chief of Student, Family and