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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Fencing Focuses On The Future

Galileo’s Fencing team had a small but motivated and tight knit group that had aspirations of a high finish at the All-City competition this year. However, the low number of fencers on the team and overall inexperience led to a disappointing record and lower than expected finish at All-City in which the boys team came in 7th, while the girls came in 6th.

Michael Ouyang Key To Galileo Volleyball Success

As one of the best outside hitters on the boys Galileo Varsity Volleyball team, senior Michael O. will be the main key to Galileo’s chances at making playoffs & possibly the championship. With crushing spikes, pin-point passing, and a passion for playing volleyball, Michael has earned the respect

Trending Now: Yu Gi OH! Duel Links

A new trending app is happening around Galileo, “Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links”, based on the original cartoon series and the card game. Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links is a head to head duel. Based on the Duel Monsters concept from the original cartoon series, the game sees players using a combination of monsters, spells and traps to defeat

Corner Store Stories

By Daisy L. & Amesia M. Each day many Galileo students race off campus to grab lunch. A majority of students end up at one of the local restaurants near Van Ness & Chestnut Street. Some of the most popular places to grab food are Chestnut Street Diner, First Cup, and Amro Market. What many students don’t

“Trump”ing The Inauguration

On Friday, January 20th, President Trump’s Inauguration day, San Francisco high school students, including Galileo students, marched to city hall to meet with other students. From there, the students walked through Market Street and ended in front of the Transamerica Building.  Photo Credit: Priscilla L.

Lion’s Whisper: New Year, New Me!

By Bryan Lam and Francis Roceta As 2017 is now upon us, many people believe its time to make New Year Resolutions. Galileopress went around asking faculties and students what their New Years Resolutions are. “I want to get at least a 3.0 because I want to transfer to SOTA (School of the Arts).  

Galileo’s Beauty

By Raine Beale Boles, Staff Writer Galileo High school was recently named one of the most “beautiful” high school campuses in California by the company, Aceable, on Twitter. According to the article, what puts Galileo above the majority of California schools is it’s unique architecture, and the observatory, which not many other schools have. Including

Song and Yell Diary: Joyce Li

By Bryan Lam, Staff Writer Galilopress asked senior Joyce Li, ASB commissioner of activities and rallies, to journal her day during Galileo’s 72nd Song and Yell. Here is her story: 5:00 a.m- I woke up around 5:00, I planned to arrive at school at 6 to finish up the posters for Song and Yell. But

OktoberFest 2016

by Bryan Lam, Staff Writer On October 14, 2016, Galileo hosted Oktoberfest (Food Festival). Due to the weather conditions, the ASB has moved the food festival in the school.          

Galileo No Longer Charging for P.E Uniforms

by Victor Ortiz, Staff Writer Starting this year, students at Galileo, and throughout the SFUSD, will no longer have to pay for their P.E. uniforms, cap and gowns are still being discussed as well. After charging students for required attire over the last thirty years, a student in the district recently complained about uniform fees,

Bay Street Gate Closed for Student Safety

By Raine Boles, Staff Writer Due to safety reasons, the Galileo administration has decided to close the gate on Bay street during lunch. In the past, the school has had issues regarding random strangers walking onto campus. The staff has considered closing the gate for many years, but because recently many alumni had just been walking