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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Hypebeast, Why?

The term hypebeast is thrown around quite often now-a-days in popular culture, but what exactly is a hypebeast? A hypebeast is someone who values things  created by well recognized brands, whether it be clothing, shoes or even non-conventional items. Acquiring these things gives Hypebeasts status and helps them set themselves apart from the general public.

Galileo’s NBA 2K18 Craze

  A new wave has recently struck Galileo, NBA 2K18 is the new “it” thing, and its taken students by storm.The reason so many students have made NBA 2K18 their favorite game is its ability to give them the skills to be a professional basketball player without the years of work it actually takes to

A Traveler’s Tale

Having lived, traveled, and worked in three different countries, Galileo’s new physics teacher, Ms. Emily Stollmeyer, is looking to live in San Francisco and work for SFUSD. Ms. Stollmeyer has been a resident of the Netherlands, Italy and United States within the last ten years! Her love for traveling has moved her to pursue living