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Sunday, February 18, 2018

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Fire drill in the Rain

An unannounced fire drill by the fire department had students standing in the rain during 4th period on Thursday, January 18th. While the school was obligated to comply with the fire departrment, students were unhappy they had to wait in the rain until the drill was over.

Longtime ASB Advisor/Teacher Suffers Stroke

Beloved ASB adviser and science teacher Mr.Wing suffered a stroke during Christmas Eve and will not be able to return to Galileo for the entire 2nd semester. Mr. Wing is currently still in the hospital and gradually regaining strength in hopes of coming back to Galileo. Staff and students alike were devastated to hear the news

Trending Now: Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

The trailer for Marvel Studios, Avengers: Infinity War,  dropped on November 29th. By December 1st, according to Marvel Studios, the trailer had accumulated over 230 million views. Many people have been anxious to see the trailer for the movie that is a culmination of all the superheroes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the last 10

Snapchat’s Educational Benefits

It began in August, 2015. I took out my phone to connect to the school internet and then opened the Snapchat application. However, to my surprise, I wasn’t able to access any of the stories, news or direct “snaps” from my friends. I was confused and began to question why Snapchat was not working: was

Music Controversy at Homecoming

Despite many students enjoying Galileo’s homecoming dance, “All Eyes on Us”, at the Hyatt Hotel in Fishermans Wharf on October 21, 2017, a controversial decision by the administration had some students unhappy by the end of night (had mixed feelings about the decision to not include certain type of music at the dance). During the

Galileo Girls Volleyball 2017

On September 29, the 2017 Galileo Girls Volleyball lost a match against Lowell High School in 3 sets (20-25, 22-25, 21-25 ). The team was devastated after the match; however, they were also not surprised to lose against Lowell. Coach Brandon stated, “We had two starting players that were injured from our previous game against

Back to School Night

Galileo Academy’s annual Back to School Night was held on September 21, 2017. The event allows parents to meet the teachers behind their children’s education. In addition, Back to School Night gives parents the opportunity to discover interesting academic pathways or school programs offered at Galileo Academy.                

Ms. Wong-From Geologist to Teacher

The curious and adventurous Ms. Shannon Wong discovered that learning about the world through research and observations were the best forms of teaching, while working as a geologist at an air base in San Diego. Hiking recreationally furthers Ms. Wong’s  love for the world around her.  She once hiked the 85 mile mountain El Camino

Mr.Elliot-A Passionate Runner

A dedicated runner, American Democracy teacher Mr. Elliot, once ran a race, the hot chocolate run, during a thunderstorm. Mr. Elliot shows his commitment to running by spending every weekend running 20 miles, 10 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday, with his two pantheon dogs. In the past year, he has completed 4 10k races,