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Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Memoirs of an AVID Student

Having gone through the AVID program, a class that helps prepare students for college as well as helps them to be responsible and organized, for 4 years at Galileo, it’s a bit overwhelming to think about all the experiences and emotions I’ve been through as part of the class. In some ways it’s like I’ve

Love You Say

The play ¨Love You Say,” written by Galileo senior Sophie L., and produced by the Galileo drama class premiered on April 14th. The drama class performed the play after preparing for it for over 4 months, consisting  of choosing the right play, rehearsals, costume design, and technical additions like lights and music. The purpose of

The Truth about Promposals

Everyone’s seen or heard this same story at school; somebody intends on asking someone special to prom, so he or she creates a ‘special’ way to “prompose.” For example, one person tells the the other to meet out in the courtyard during lunch or after school. Once the other person shows up, the person asking

Video Game Addictions

Every addicted gamer has gone through this cycle; they turn on their console or PC knowing full-well that they have something important to do. They tell themselves, “I’ll just play for a certain amount of time in order to get things done afterwards.” But after their time limit is reached, the thought, “just one more

Feature Athlete: Nick Cooper

Despite being cut from the Galileo boy’s basketball team multiple times, senior Nick C’s love for the game compelled him to never give up on his dream of making the varsity team. In the end though, as a senior Cooper was ultimately able to grab a spot in the varsity lineup. Nick only started playing

Women’s March

The day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, millions of people around the world participated, including many Galileo students and staff, in what has become known as the ‘Women’s March’ in a protest against him and his social beliefs. According to SFGate, the purpose of the march wasn’t focused on Trump becoming president, it was more concentrated

A New Generation of Wrestlers

Through the strong efforts in recruiting friends & promoting wrestling during club days, the Galileo wrestling team gained a whopping 16 new wrestlers, mainly freshman, for this year’s team. This is a huge achievement for the team as the past couple years, there has been no more than 3 freshmen recruits. All of these new

Futurama and Their Snacks

By Victor Ortiz, Staff Writer Futurama’s popularity has been unexpectedly high the past few years. The program, which offers a place for students to hang out after school, is averaging anywhere from 150-200 students per day. “Attendance is really good, we were only supposed to average 100 students a day,” stated Futurama director Rahul Sharma.

Bay Gate closes for safety

By Victor Ortiz, Staff writer Due to safety reasons, the Galileo administration has decided to close the gate on Bay street during lunch. In the past, the school has had issues regarding random strangers walking onto campus. There was a lot of speculation surrounding this topic and the staff has considered closing the gate for

Galileo’s Beauty Earns Recognition

By Victor Ortiz, Staff Writer Galileo High school was recently named one of the most “beautiful” high school campuses in California by the company, Aceable, on Twitter. According to the article, what puts Galileo above the majority of California schools is it’s unique architecture, and the observatory, which not many other schools have. Including an