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Thursday, November 23, 2017


Hypebeast, Why?

The term hypebeast is thrown around quite often now-a-days in popular culture, but what exactly is a hypebeast? A hypebeast is someone who values things  created by well recognized brands, whether it be clothing, shoes or even non-conventional items. Acquiring these things gives Hypebeasts status and helps them set themselves apart from the general public.

Caution: “Senioritis” Lurking

by Angel Salado Senioritis is the disease that I was constantly warned about throughout high school, but it all changed when I was staring down at my senior year. Facing college applications, deadlines, prom, graduation, it can be overwhelming, and when the slightest thought of being completely done consumed my body, senioritis took over. I

Journalism Class Gone Next Year?

By Alison Yip, 2016 Editor in Chief As of 3PM on Monday, May 16, [journalism advisor] Mr. Lee was notified that his journalism class will be discontinued for the next school year. Citing a low enrollment in journalism as well as a need for Mr. Lee to teach English classes next year, the administration feels

Why I Stay Away From Social Media

by Lauren Wong Everywhere I look, I see students glued to their phones and a lot of the time they are using social media. Honestly, I feel social media is a good tool to use to communicate with friends, express one’s thoughts and feelings to people and even read recent news. However, I believe that

A Word of Advice

by Ahmed Elmahy Four years of high school is a long time. With that in mind, it is unavoidable to experience the consequences of the great procrastination and laziness that is associated with senior year. Now, as humans, procrastination is unavoidable and we usually experience it during any grade, but during senior year, procrastination is

We Should Vote, but is Voting at 16 appropriate?

by Alison Yip People say that there is a lack of voting from their citizens as shown from declining voter turnouts with the exception of Presidential Elections. Some do not vote because they do not believe their votes to be necessary, as they do not see change happening. Civic disengagement has become a problem in

Galileo Academy of Science and … Technology?!?!?

by Ahmed Elmahy Although the title may seem a bit harsh, it is quite frustrating for me as a student to have to deal with multiple technological issues when your school’s name asserts that it is an academy of technology. From outdated computers that barely work or don’t have enough disk space to a consistently

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly of our School

by Lauren Wong The place we call our second home, “The Home of the Mighty Lion,” has deteriorated into an embarrassment. As a senior, I have never seen our school in such a horrendous state. There are walls and ceilings with flaking paint and concrete floor cracks wide enough to cause tripping hazards. Students deface

The Daily Struggle

by Ahmed Elmahy Every morning the computer lab resembles a busy beehive. Some people go to the computer lab in the morning to play games, but a lot more go there in order to print out their homework. Almost everyone has been put in the position where they need to print something in the morning,

What ASB Means To Me

by Ashley Moh For the past 4 years of my high school career, I’ve been working with club and class officers; communicating with sponsors in and out of school; managing class budgets, attending weekly meetings; and planning/advertising fundraisers and events because my high school experience wouldn’t have been the same without it. Many people assume

Impact of Standardized Tests on Students

by Alison Yip Students over the last decade have taken more tests than previous decades and in part, it’s thanks to the No Child Left Behind Act passed during the Bush Administration in 2001. Recently, in his State of the Union Address, President Obama commended this legislation for its contribution to a higher high school

A Year of Barretting and Tang

by Ahmed Elmahy When I was a sophomore, I was faced with the difficult task of picking classes for the following year. I was torn between taking both AP English and AP United States history, or only one of them. I decided to take both as I wanted to challenge myself– and that was a

The Black Mamba Hangs It Up

by Elvis Lau He looks up: 3.2 seconds left on the clock. The Lakers are down 107 to 105 at the Staples Center. The ball is thrown in from the sidelines, and he runs out from the free throw line to catch it. Dwyane Wade trails him, running right behind. Outside the perimeter, he sprints

Keeping Calm During Finals

by Alison Yip Finals, the only thing separating students from a long vacation, cause great stress to many students. Finals is the final exam culminating content from the beginning of the year to end of the semester. Why are finals such a stressful experience? Some students are intimidated by the idea of a final because

Halloween Brings School Spirit to Galileo

by Lauren Wong As a senior, I’ve noticed that Halloween continues to be a trending holiday that attracts many students and teachers at Galileo High School. This year was by far the most people who have participated in the festivities. What caught my eye were the many costume themes teachers were wearing. The teachers in

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