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Friday, October 20, 2017


Just (Emergency) Drillin’

by Ashley Moh As I sit in class, wondering when the bell will ring, another sound suddenly blares from inside and outside of the classroom. Students cheer like it’s the last day of school and take their sweet time walking out of class. Massive waves of students lazily make their way down the staircases and

School Starts Too Early

By Elvis Lau Every weekday at 8:00A​M,​ Galileo springs to life­­ the first class of the day gathers the school community for the next seven hours. However, with such an early start, many students have trouble getting to school on time, resulting in numerous problems. Students who live far away and/or take Muni have to

To Keep or not to Keep: Song & Yell

To Keep or Cancel? by Ashley Moh Although many staff and students thought that this year’s 71st Annual Song and Yell Contest was one of the best it’s ever been in recent years, prior to it, many people didn’t seem to care or wondered if it was even worth keeping. One of the reasons why

Dress Code Suffocates in Heat Wave

By AlisonA Just a couple weeks ago, San Francisco, the usually foggy city experienced a long heat wave. With weather ranging from the mid-seventies to the high eighties, students began to dress lighter which highlighted the issue of the dress code. We just want to be comfortable while we are in school with this kind

How Effective Is Back to School Night?

By Ahmed Elmahy Every year, as October approaches, every household is flooded with calls from Galileo to remind parents to attend Back to School Night. This annual tradition is quite simple in nature and doesn’t vary much from one year to the next. Parents start off in the auditorium watching a performance and afterwards they

The Long Road of Fundraising-an editors’ note

By Ashley Moh and Gordon Zhu “We already have to focus so much energy on homework and extracurriculars and having to raise this extreme amount of money just adds so much more burden and stress.” – Kristy Wong The pressure is on. For years, students have been given the task of raising money to fund

Small Mice Big Problem

By AlisonA and LaurenW Mice are a big problem at schools, especially old schools like Galileo. They hide in pipes, nooks and crannies of the room and at rare moments…they are seen scurrying across the room. Imagine what it is like for teachers working late, and they see mice scurrying across the classroom. Frightening right? Psychology

Lunch Rip-off?

By Ahmed Elmahy and Elvis Lau Knowing that they will remain the go-to destinations of students’ meals, the biggest diners located around Galileo have once again raised the prices of their products for the 2015-2016 school year.  With their easily accessible whereabouts (right next to the school), most students without free school lunches (along with

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