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Friday, October 20, 2017


Lions Whisper: Holiday Polls 2016

By Ameesia Marold With the Winter Break less than 2 weeks away Galileo students and staff answered the question, “What are your holiday traditions?”

Galileo Students Working At Starbucks

By Stephanie Ho, Staff Writer Galileo students are always looking for a part-time job during the school year to earn money and gain experience. One of the most popular places for Galileo students to work at is Starbucks. The majority of Galileo students who work at Starbucks applied for the position because one of their friends

Galileo’s Married Teacher Couples

By Stephanie Ho, Staff Writer  Most teachers prefer to keep their school and home life separate, but for some teachers at Galileo, the two are unavoidable when these teachers are married and work at the same school. Although being married and teaching at the same school may be awkward for some, those that are married find that

WORK WORK WORK WORK-ing out at school

Galileo Spirit week Day three : Workout Wednesday By David Zhu, Staff writer “Why did you decide to dress in workout gear to show your Galileo school spirit today?” “Because it’s what I usually wear” -Julian H. 12th grade  “Because our class needed points” – Roalla T. 12th grade            

Who are you twinning with ?

Galileo Spirit week Day two : Twin Tuesday By David Zhu, Staff writer “Why did you decide to dress as twins/triplets to show your Galileo school spirit today?” “Because we love galileo” – Samantha F. 12th  grade “We chose to be triplets because we love showing our spirit even though we are the few people

Rolling out of bed to school

Galileo Spirit week Day one : Pajama Monday By David Zhu, Staff writer “Why did you decide to dress in PJs to show your Galileo school spirit today?” “I dressed today because I have school spirit.”  – Yanny J. 11th grade “It is convenient to get out of bed and come to school.” – Roalla T.

The 9 Worst Breakups of All Time

by Ashley Moh Hoping to raise enough money for a scholarship for a lucky senior planning to continue studying visual and performing arts, Galileo’s Drama Class spent their second semester preparing for their very first major performance event, “The 9 Worst Breakups Of All Time” by Ian McWethy, on April 22nd, 2016. It was in

Best End to the NBA Regular Season…..EVER!!!

by Elvis Lau Tick. Tick. Tick. 7:30PM. I grab a drink, plop down on the couch, and flip on the TV. It’s April 13, and the NBA regular season is about to conclude with two very special matchups, one between the Los Angeles Lakers and Utah Jazz, and the other between the Golden State Warriors

Pendulum’s Top Three: Student Talents Assembly

by Jessie Jiang and Andy Cen Galileo students gathered on March 25th to witness the talents of their fellow classmates. While every performance was enjoyed by the audience, the Galileo Press decided that these were the top three acts of the entire show. Mikaela Dodge & Samantha Fong A performance that seemed to bring the

Class Color War

by Lauren Wong Galileo’s Spirit Week ended with the battle of colors between the classes with seniors wearing white, juniors wearing orange, sophomores wearing purple, and freshmen wearing black. Which class do you was the most spirited? Galileo Press asked them, “Why do you like Spirit Week?” “It unites the kids together!” –Chunjin R.  

Twinsies Thursday

by Lauren Wong Narrowing down to the final days of Spirit Week, staff and students became twins for a day. Galileo Press asked the question: “What do you like about Spirit Week?” “It gives us an opportunity to do something different and creative.” –Ms. Marshman & Ms. Galdamez              

Senior MATHletes or Athletes?

by Lauren Wong Seniors debated to be MATHletic or athletic at school to show off their school spirit. Galileo Press asked them the question: “Why do you like spirit week?” “I like the Giants!” –Isabel S.               “We are seniors! We have to do something.” –Garrick L.

Sophomores Go Sightseeing on Tourist Tuesday

by Lauren Wong Sophomores continued spirit week by touring around Galileo for the day. Galileo Press asked them the question: “What do you like about Spirit Week?” “It shows how much people love Galileo.” –Inzaley M.                   “It’s a good way to show school spirit and interact

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