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Friday, November 24, 2017


Wagner’s Friday Fashion

As a way to promote more school spirit, English & Spanish teacher, Ms. Wagner, has decided to wear Galileo gear every Friday at school. As a teacher at Galileo for the last 18 years, Ms. Wagner has always been very supportive of the school while also  making the school year more enjoyable. Ms. Wagner first

Halloween Contest 2017

Galileo showed off their holiday spirit during the annual Halloween costume contest held in the courtyard during lunch. The Halloween contest is a fun event for students and faculty to show their creativity and individuality through their creative costume ideas. From previous years, it’s well known that for the teacher costume competition is always one

Popular Classroom Lunch Hangouts

When the bell rings for lunch at Galileo, many students hang out in the courtyard, the cafeteria or go find lunch off campus. However for other students, classrooms are their place of choice to stay during lunch because it affords them a place to work or a comfortable place to hang out. One of the

Stresses of being a Class Sponsor

Teachers who volunteer to be class sponsors are in a very stressful position because of the pressures of fundraising, managing officers, and spending countless hours hosting different events. Although there are many tasks and responsibilities that come with being a class sponsor, there are also many positive aspects of being a class sponsor.   The

Last Year as AD for Winterling

After being the athletic director at Galileo High School for the last 27 years, Mr. Winterling is finally retiring at the end of the school year. As he reflects on his almost 30 years in the position he credits his success at the job to a number of people who helped him along the way.

Crumbling Bleachers not Replaced Anytime Soon

The bleachers on Galileo’s athletics field are dilapidated and in dire need of a replacement. Although they were just repainted and resanded 3 years ago, the paint has since peeled and the wood is sharp and dangerous. However Galileo Athletic Director, Coach Winterling, says that there are currently no plans in place to replace the

New Administration

Ms. Benau- Principal After visiting Galileo in 2011 and 2014 as part of the WASC groups, Ms. Tami  Benau jumped at the opportunity to become the new Principal of Galileo. She loves the fact that the school offers a wide variety of programs, including the academies and pathways. She is also excited to be back

Ms. Bohannon – Inspired Counselor

 Inspired by a counselor in high school who helped her overcome a learning disability,  new attendance counselor Ms. Maddy  Bohannon, decided she wanted to help others by becoming  a counselor herself. In the past her learning disability made it hard to pass classes, describing it as, “a difficult journey.” However, with the help of her counselor,

Mr. Larsen – Hoping to Impact Galileo Community

Before working at Galileo, Mr. James Larsen worked as an English teacher and instructional coach in the Milpitas Unified School District for 10 years. He became an IRF (Instructional Reform Facilitators) because he wanted to work with the students of the community he lives in and have more of a impact on his local community.

Miss Stiles – Zest for Pets

A passion for animals is the motivation behind Miss. Stiles becoming a high school chemistry teacher. She has always loved animals and got her first pet, a rat, at age 7, which was named Julia and  always had 2-3 pets in the house growing up. Miss. Stiles, decided to turn her passion into a major

From Africa to Galileo

After doing development work in Africa for 8 years, Ms. Hector has now found her  calling as a teacher. She decided to pursue a teaching career after doing projects in Africa because she thought teaching would be a good profession to be more involved in the local community.  Over the summer, Ms. Hector learned to

Ma Comes Back

Galileo alumni, Miss Emily Ma, was motivated by an English teacher to come back to Galileo for her first year of teaching immediately after college.  She hopes to motivate students in this generation to excel in their academics. She says, “I am fresh at teaching but (ELD teacher) Mr. Fanning and (English teacher) Ms. Wagner taught me

Mr. Miller- Finding New Opportunities

Tired of working in the UK (United Kingdom), new math teacher, Mr. Miller, moved to the US in order to explore better opportunities. Mr. Miller’s previous jobs included working as an system engineer, service engineer, and chemical technician, However, he never liked those jobs because he was never really really satisfied. Since moving to the

Mr. Chang – The Marvelous Menagerie

Housing over 30 pets of various species, new math teacher, Mr Chang, grew his unique collection through a love of animals and over time. He started with traditional pets like dogs and goldfish, but different animals seemed to keep falling into his possession one way or another, until he had more unusual species like chickens,

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