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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Netflix in Class

Students have always used phones in the classroom, but usually only in small doses; to answer a text or play a quick game. However, some students are taking their phone use even farther, by spending anywhere from 20 minutes to the entire class time on their phone. What are these students doing? Streaming Netflix. Students

Senior Sells Lunch

Looking for lunch? Senior Michael Chen sells Chinese food everyday from his parents restaurant, Golden Kimtar to hungry Galileo students. He brings a combination of large portions of mongolian beef, and either chow mein, fried rice, or potstickers for $5 a box.   Michael has been selling food at school for 7 years. The idea

Inside Look at Galileo’s Journalism Class

Galileo Academy’s Journalism class is unlike any class here on campus. What separates Journalism from other classes is their unorthodox methods of getting the work done. Journalism class is able to create and distribute the articles you read on a weekly basis through the extensive use of computer carts, the ability to roam the halls,

Teachers’ Perspective During Finals Week

As finals week approaches, students are preparing, trying to cram as much material as they can into their heads. However, a perspective not commonly thought of during finals is the teacher’s. While students are preparing, teachers are working hard as well, deciding the type of final they want to give, how they will prepare students

AIDS Quilt Visits Galileo

Galileo high school had the pleasure of hosting a panel of the historical AIDS quilt displayed in the auditorium on Tuesday, December 12th. The quilt was presented by Naomi from the Wellness Center, who also talked about HIV awareness and the history behind the AIDs quilt. The quilt is 48,000 individual 3-by-6 foot memorial panels

New Nurse, Gal Alum

A Galileo graduate is now the new school nurse, as Ms. Vivian Tsui, class of 2010, took over for Ms. Juanita Davis at the end of November. After working at a nursing facility for the  last year, Nurse Tsui felt compelled to apply as a school nurse in San Francisco after hearing about the opportunity

AP Art Fall Gallery

While Galileo may be famous for its science and technology, its art classes are often overlooked.  The 3rd period AP Art class is a hidden gem full of beautiful pieces of art.

Shadow Program Showcases Galileo’s Strengths

The reputation of Galileo among middle school students can range from negative stereotypes to exceptional athletics and academia. Galileo’s shadow program is helping to paint a more accurate picture for perspective middle school students. These middle school students then share their experience with peers and parents, helping to spread Galileo’s appeal across the city. Until

Wagner’s Friday Fashion

As a way to promote more school spirit, English & Spanish teacher, Ms. Wagner, has decided to wear Galileo gear every Friday at school. As a teacher at Galileo for the last 18 years, Ms. Wagner has always been very supportive of the school while also  making the school year more enjoyable. Ms. Wagner first

Halloween Contest 2017

Galileo showed off their holiday spirit during the annual Halloween costume contest held in the courtyard during lunch. The Halloween contest is a fun event for students and faculty to show their creativity and individuality through their creative costume ideas. From previous years, it’s well known that for the teacher costume competition is always one

Popular Classroom Lunch Hangouts

When the bell rings for lunch at Galileo, many students hang out in the courtyard, the cafeteria or go find lunch off campus. However for other students, classrooms are their place of choice to stay during lunch because it affords them a place to work or a comfortable place to hang out. One of the

Stresses of being a Class Sponsor

Teachers who volunteer to be class sponsors are in a very stressful position because of the pressures of fundraising, managing officers, and spending countless hours hosting different events. Although there are many tasks and responsibilities that come with being a class sponsor, there are also many positive aspects of being a class sponsor.   The

Last Year as AD for Winterling

After being the athletic director at Galileo High School for the last 27 years, Mr. Winterling is finally retiring at the end of the school year. As he reflects on his almost 30 years in the position he credits his success at the job to a number of people who helped him along the way.

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