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Friday, October 20, 2017


It’s always Sunny at the North Point Market

By Angel Salado & Donovan Hasson Patrons, who walk into North Point Market are always greeted with a welcoming “Buddy!” followed by “how are you?” If you just casually walk by North Point Market it would probably just seem like your average corner store, but to the Galileo students, North Point Market is known for


By Tyler Huey Being the best players on the girls Galileo soccer team is really no surprise as junior Parker J.  has been playing soccer since she was 5 years old. Parker has started at the forward position for the Galileo since she was a freshman, averaging 3 goals per game. She led the team

Naomi wins award for LGTBQ Support

By Ameesia Marold The face of Wellness at Galileo, Ms. Naomi Forsburg, recently won the California Teachers Association Leadership in Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Award. Galileo school nurse, Ms. Susan Kitchell, nominated Naomi for the award. Nurse Kitchell points to a number of reasons why Naomi was deserving of the award. Among those reasons

Galileo Semi-Finalist Siemens Competition

With 1600 projects submitted to the Siemens Competition, a science, math and technology competition for high school students in the US, only 300 projects were selected to be semifinalists. Galileo senior, Selena Li, was one of the few chosen as a semifinalists for this prestigious contest. Selena found out about this competition through a friend,

Fanfiction? What is that?

The Fifty Shades Trilogy is one of the biggest book sellers in the world. It has sold over 125 million book copies worldwide, an impressive feat for E. L. James. The books received such a good response that they were made into a movie franchise that has made millions. What many people don’t know is

Q&A with Galileo AP, Mr. Emmi

This week I interviewed Stephen Emmi, the people personal services assistant principal, and his role in helping students at Galileo. Q: What is your position at Galileo? A: I am the People Personnel Services (PPS) Assistant Principal I oversee the counseling office, wellness center, and the dean’s office. Q: Have you had a position as

Teachers Bike to School

By George Jirayut Mahaprom, staff writer For teachers, getting to Galileo each morning can be a challenge. Teachers get stuck in traffic, it can cost a lot of money to pay for gas or Muni/Uber and it can be difficult to find parking.  In order to overcome these obstacles, teachers are starting to bike to

The Regrowth of AVID

By Tyler Huey, Staff Writer The AVID program at Galileo has been around since 1992, making AVID at Galileo the longest running AVID program in the SFUSD. However, the program took a serious decline because of budget cuts in 2012. 20% of the AVID classes were affected, the most of any other programs and classes

Futurama and Their Snacks

By Victor Ortiz, Staff Writer Futurama’s popularity has been unexpectedly high the past few years. The program, which offers a place for students to hang out after school, is averaging anywhere from 150-200 students per day. “Attendance is really good, we were only supposed to average 100 students a day,” stated Futurama director Rahul Sharma.

Questions with Angel: Mr. Amador

By Angel Salado,  Staff writer This week I interviewed special populations counselor Omar Amador on how he helps students and about his first year at Galileo. Q: What is your position at Galileo? A: I am the special populations counselor I assist the counselors in making sure students graduate on time. Q: Have you had

Debate Club Arrives at Galileo

By Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writer As a way to achieve his goal of becoming a master debater, club founder, senior Francisco Chavez-Zapata decided to form the debate club, one of Galileo’s newest clubs this year. He decided to form the club after taking Ms. Ung’s U.S History class final, which included a huge debate. “I

Song and Yell Diary: Joyce Li

By Bryan Lam, Staff Writer Galilopress asked senior Joyce Li, ASB commissioner of activities and rallies, to journal her day during Galileo’s 72nd Song and Yell. Here is her story: 5:00 a.m- I woke up around 5:00, I planned to arrive at school at 6 to finish up the posters for Song and Yell. But

Questions with Angel: Ms. Chen

By Angel Salado, Staff writer This week I interviewed the Vice Principal, Janice Chen who is in charge of building and ground, and her first year at Galileo. Q: What is your position at Galileo? A: I am the vice principal in charge of building and ground. Q: Have you had a position as a

Questions with Angel: Ms. Fisher

By Angel Salado, Staff writer This week I talked to Wellness coordinator, Sydney Fisher about her first year at Galileo and the responsibilities the wellness center has at Galileo. Q: What is your position at Galileo? A: I am the wellness coordinator for the wellness center. Q: Where are you from? A: I am a

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