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Thursday, November 23, 2017

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Galileo Staff Addresses Students Dropping AP’s

Many of Galileo’s staff are concerned about an alarming number of Galileo students who requested to drop honors and AP classes this year. Although actually dropping an AP or honors class can only happen on a case by case scenario, the counseling office is trying to create a new policy which will prevent students from

Lions Shine at Cross Country Finals

Improving upon last years strong results, Galileo cross country had 3 of the 4 teams medal at the 2017 San Francisco section finals, with 2 runners qualifying for the state meet including the fastest time for a freshman girl this year. Led by senior Brian Yu, who managed to finish 10th in the city, the varsity

S and G’s Conversation of Stranger Things 2

Season 2 of Stranger Things was released on Netflix on October 27th. The show has many students at Galileo binge watching and posting pictures of themselves enjoying the show on social media.  Stranger Things has become widely popular for it’s way of showing the alternate universe known as the “Upside Down”. Another reason for the

ASB President Feels Pressure of Following “Greatness”

ASB President senior Kayla Lam is working hard to continue the legacy that former president Yuyang Zhong left behind.  According to ASB advisor, Mr.Wing, Yuyang was the greatest ASB President he had seen in his 47 years at Galileo. Yuyang was able to help solve problems for the administration,  fundraised extraordinary amounts of money for

Hypebeast, Why?

The term hypebeast is thrown around quite often now-a-days in popular culture, but what exactly is a hypebeast? A hypebeast is someone who values things  created by well recognized brands, whether it be clothing, shoes or even non-conventional items. Acquiring these things gives Hypebeasts status and helps them set themselves apart from the general public.

Galileo Prepares for Lau Audit

As part of a Lau Audit, the Department of Justice will be coming to Galileo in December to make sure all teachers are helping English Learners access the curriculum and build their language skills. They will also be looking to make sure that all teachers are writing down the AIM on their boards, and to

Girls Volleyball Playoff Run Ends

The Galileo Girls Volleyball playoff run came to an end on Tuesday, November 7th after losing their semifinals to Lincoln, the #1 seed . The first set was close, with the #4 Lady Lions barely losing (22-25). However, after losing a close 1st set, the team couldn’t recover as  they lost second (14-25) and the

Senior Participation Brings Home Song and Yell Crown

The 73rd Annual Song and Yell witnessed one of the largest participating senior class skits in Galileo history, around 60 seniors dedicated their time and effort to represent their class and perform the skit and dance routine, with the result being another decisive victory to continue the senior class win streak. When asked what made

Music Controversy at Homecoming

Despite many students enjoying Galileo’s homecoming dance, “All Eyes on Us”, at the Hyatt Hotel in Fishermans Wharf on October 21, 2017, a controversial decision by the administration had some students unhappy by the end of night (had mixed feelings about the decision to not include certain type of music at the dance). During the

Girls Tennis Comes Up Short in Playoffs

On Tuesday October 31, the AAA Tennis playoffs kicked off at Golden Gate Park at 3pm. Galileo’s girl’s tennis team, ranked 4th, faced off against Lowell, the number 1 seed, in the 1st round of the playoffs. To acquire the 4th seed Galileo had to defeat Lincoln in a play-in match, on October October 20th,

Basketball Player Breaks Backboard

One of the backboards in the Van Ness gym shattered when senior basketball player, Ben P., dunked during practice on October 19.  After the dunk, the rim and glass had to be taken down due to safety precautions. The basketball teams were left to only use 1/2 the gym for a week, when a temporary

Cross Country Trip To LA

Friday, October 20, 2017-5 of the Galileo varsity boys cross country runners and Coach Keough boarded a plane to Los Angeles for a 3-day trip to compete and to visit a former teammate who moved to Southern California over the summer. The team believed it was important to see Nathan Lam, who moved to Southern

Stress Less Fest Photo Gallery

Stress Less Fest is an event in the courtyard, run by the Galileo Youth Outreach Workers and Wellness, to promote positive coping mechanisms and activities to cope with stress. This year is was held on Tuesday October 24th. There were 5 booths that students were able to participate in.  

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