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Wednesday, December 13, 2017


Lion’s Values on Point

Be Safe. Be Respectful. Be Responsible. Galileo students heard these 3 phrases often as they came back from Winter Break to start the second semester. Many students wondered what these values were all about. It turns out that these are the three Galileo’s Lion’s Values, created by a team at Galileo to help students get

Inauguration Student Protest is Full of Disappointment

A student from the politics club at Galileo, helped organize a second protest against President Trump on inauguration day, January 20th, with the idea of protesting on Inauguration Day originating from students from Leadership High School. The first student protest this school year, held after Trump was elected President on November 10th, which was organized

Corner Store Stories

By Daisy L. & Amesia M. Each day many Galileo students race off campus to grab lunch. A majority of students end up at one of the local restaurants near Van Ness & Chestnut Street. Some of the most popular places to grab food are Chestnut Street Diner, First Cup, and Amro Market. What many students don’t

Winter Ball “Ice Cold Formal Affair” 2016

By Tyler Huey and David Zhu, staff writers Continuing from the downfall of the Homecoming Dance, Galileo’s Winter ball plummeted in attendance with no more than 120 students. The ASB hoped that at least 300 students would attend the dance, especially because it was held on Wednesday, December 14th, the last day of finals so

One School Dance A Year?

By Stephanie Ho and Joseline Saucedo, Staff Writers 15 years ago, Galileo High School hosted dances nearly every month, but attendance for these dances started dropping, and in turn, the school hosted less & fewer dances. Now, attendance at dances has been so bad that there is a possibility of having only 1 school dance

After Election, Students Want Voices Heard

By Ameesia Marold, staff writer About 110 Galileo students participated in a peaceful protest on Thursday, November 10th to voice their feelings about new president elect Donald Trump. Students wanted to express their outrage at the country’s decision to elect Trump, and their inability to take part of the election process. The protest started at

Galileo Homecoming: Dancing through the Decades

By  Marjorie Ruiz, Staff writer Even though this year’s homecoming dance didn’t reach the goal of tickets sold, many of the attendees of the dance considered this year’s dance a lot better than last year.  The homecoming dance, Dancing through the Decades, featured a better DJ, which led to more students dancing & saying they

Song And Yell Favoritism?

By Tyler Huey, Staff writer  As most people at Galileo predicted, the outcome of the 72nd Song and Yell on October 7 was the same as almost every year Song & Yell has been held, the seniors won again. Numerous underclassmen think that the contest is rigged because the seniors always win no matter who’s


By Joshua Lizardo, Staff Writer Colleges including UC Santa Cruz, Skyline, Notre Dame de Namur University, City College of San Francisco and many took part of  Galileo’s 4th annual college fair on Tuesday October 4th. College counelor Ms. Serena Chan brought in the wide variety of colleges to help students broaden their views about the

Teacher of the Month Revived!

By Ameesia, Staff writer ASB Officers recently decided that Galileo teachers deserve more appreciation, which fueled the idea of bringing back “Teacher of the Month”. Each month, a teacher will be selected based on a category. The category is announced at the beginning of the month and the school votes. Students can vote by going

Another Low Attendance at Back To School Night

By Ameesia Marold This year about 300 parents attended Galileo’s Back To School Night, which took place on Thursday, September 29th. Although this seems like low number of parents, considering the school has over 1900 students, the number of attendees is very consistent with other Back to School Nights, largely due to the location of

Galileo No Longer Charging for P.E Uniforms

by Victor Ortiz, Staff Writer Starting this year, students at Galileo, and throughout the SFUSD, will no longer have to pay for their P.E. uniforms, cap and gowns are still being discussed as well. After charging students for required attire over the last thirty years, a student in the district recently complained about uniform fees,

Principal’s Vision for a Better Galileo

By Tyler and David – Staff writer To improve the overall look of the school, Galileo’s principal Dr. Reimer has plans to make major renovations to some of the facilities at the school. One of the projects, the Van Ness gym is already almost complete, and Dr. Reimer also hopes to revamp the cafeteria, bay

Bay Street Gate Closed for Student Safety

By Raine Boles, Staff Writer Due to safety reasons, the Galileo administration has decided to close the gate on Bay street during lunch. In the past, the school has had issues regarding random strangers walking onto campus. The staff has considered closing the gate for many years, but because recently many alumni had just been walking

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