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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Photo Journalism

Photography Class Takes Inspiration from Adde Adesokan

Last week, Ms. Partridge’s photography class studied Adde Adesokan, a street photographer, and his unique style of capturing the human body. Adde Adesokan’s approach to photography is simple, yet elegant; he captures three shots of the person: the face, the midsection, and the feet. As a class assignment, she had the students replicate his work

Lunch Crowds

Everyday, Galileo students rush out of their 4th period seats to go find lunch. Some run to the Wharf to be first in line, while others try to get on a bus in order to try and beat the crowds to their favorite food spot. Most of the popular places students go for lunch can

National School Counselor Week

We all know the Galileo counselors do a lot for the school. Since February 5th through 9th is National School Counselor Week, we decided to ask some students and teachers what they appreciate about the counselors. Here are their responses:  

World Class Cheer Competition 2018

On Saturday January 20th, the Galileo cheer team performed at the World Class Cheer Competition held at San Jose State University. The cheer team placed second in the “varsity stunt with no tumbling” category. Cheer captain Carol Lei says, “Its was a great experience competing against other schools in the Bay Area.”

Fire drill in the Rain

An unannounced fire drill by the fire department had students standing in the rain during 4th period on Thursday, January 18th. While the school was obligated to comply with the fire departrment, students were unhappy they had to wait in the rain until the drill was over.

Galileo Physic Class Project

As part of their finals, Mr Barrios 2nd period physics class constructed gliders out of balsa wood and glue in order to see who’s will travel the greatest distance when launched. Students are trying to apply what they learned about force by drawing 4 Free Body Diagrams, a picture that shows the different types of

Multi-Cultural Assembly

On November 17th, Galileo had their annual Multi-Cultural Assembly to showcase the school’s diversity and the student’s individuality. The purpose of the assembly is to empower students to be proud of their culture and show their talents.

Galileo College Fair Snapshots

On October 17th, Galileo had our annual college fair. The college fair is a great way for students to explore their paths after high school, as well as gain more information on a variety of colleges. The fair has several booths, with a wide range of state schools, universities, as well as privates.

Back to School Night

Galileo Academy’s annual Back to School Night was held on September 21, 2017. The event allows parents to meet the teachers behind their children’s education. In addition, Back to School Night gives parents the opportunity to discover interesting academic pathways or school programs offered at Galileo Academy.                

Spring Food Fest

Galileo Spirit Week Food Fest on March 10th in the courtyard at lunch. Clubs sold a variety of foods to help raise money for various activities and events. 

Galileo’s Blood Drive

Helping out the community, the Galileo Blood drive benefiting the Red Cross took place throughout the school day on Feb 3, 2017, in the Van Ness gym. Health Academy students helped with the blood drive.      

Love Fest

Galileo celebrated Valentines Day with the annual “Love Fest” in the courtyard during lunch.  “Love Fest” helped bring awareness to students about what is love and how to have safe sex. “Love Fest” was coordinated by English teacher Ms.Peters, and the Wellness Center.

Pathway fair

  On Tuesday January 24, 2017, the Galileo Academies & Pathways held a pathway fair, organized by pathway coordinator, Mr. Andy Huang, for freshmen and sophomore, in the Van Ness gym. The goal of the fair was to show students what they would be learning from each of the pathways if they choose to join

“Trump”ing The Inauguration

On Friday, January 20th, President Trump’s Inauguration day, San Francisco high school students, including Galileo students, marched to city hall to meet with other students. From there, the students walked through Market Street and ended in front of the Transamerica Building.  Photo Credit: Priscilla L.

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