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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Photo Journalism

Walking Out With A Purpose

By Joshua Lizardo, Staff Writer Students from San Francisco high schools participated in a unified walkout protesting America’s recent President elect, Donald Trump.  Galileo students began their walkout on Thursday November 10th at 9 AM  and proceeded down Van Ness, where they would meet up with student from other high schools, including, Washington, Lowell, Burton

OktoberFest 2016

by Bryan Lam, Staff Writer On October 14, 2016, Galileo hosted Oktoberfest (Food Festival). Due to the weather conditions, the ASB has moved the food festival in the school.          

Class of 2016 Graduation

Galileo’s Class of 2016 graduated on Tuesday, May 24th. Do you have graduation photos to share? Please send them our way at galileojournalism@gmail.com.

Special Olympics Basketball Tournament

by Michael Liang On March 4th, general education students from the schools in SFUSD gathered at Galileo’s Big Bay Gym to participate in the basketball tournament. The number of participants increased compared to the previous olympics for soccer at Lowell. The purpose of the special olympics is a way to spread awareness about the different

Farewell Winter Assembly 2015

by Raymond Cheung, Donovan Hassan, Michael Liang, and Johnny Chenh On Friday, December 4th, Galileo’s students and staff performed in the annual Winter Assembly. With the Christmas atmosphere, the audience felt joyful, especially when Santa Claus, also known as Mr. Debella appeared with his sack filled with candy canes.  

Homeroom Door Decoration Contest 2015

by Johnny Chenh, Raymond Cheung, Michael Liang, and Ashley Moh 1st Place: Ms. Alarcon, Room 102A 2nd Place: Mr. Welch, Room 310 3rd Place: Ms. Lu, Room 254 Runner-Ups:  

2015 Annual Multi-Cultural Assembly

Photos by Raymond Cheung and Michael Liang Caption by Johnny Chenh Galileo students performed at the annual Multi-Cultural Assembly on November 20th . The talented performers showcased and educated the audience about their traditions.

William Sonoma Remodeled Galileo’s Teacher Lounge

The teacher’s lounge has been renovated by William Sonoma on Friday October 9 and finished on Columbus day October 12, 2015. New furnitures include: a bench, table,  painting, clock, sofa, seats, rug, and kitchen equipment. The walls were also repainted to purple and white.

Welcome Back!

SCHOOL TIME! Galileo’s second floor is a “welcome” site with another school year quickly here. Don’t let the emptiness fool you, students are actually in their classrooms. 

Fire Drill

DID SOMEONE SAY FIRE? Galileo students crosses Bay street to make their way down to the football field during a fire drill. Photo by Major W. 

Intramural Dodgeball

DODGE THIS! Math teacher, Mr. Curtin calculates the trajectory of the ball thrown by senior wrestler, Angel H. at lunchtime intramural dodgeball hosted by Futurama. 

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