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Friday, October 20, 2017


Mr. Miller- Finding New Opportunities

Tired of working in the UK (United Kingdom), new math teacher, Mr. Miller, moved to the US in order to explore better opportunities. Mr. Miller’s previous jobs included working as an system engineer, service engineer, and chemical technician, However, he never liked those jobs because he was never really really satisfied. Since moving to the

Mr. Chang – The Marvelous Menagerie

Housing over 30 pets of various species, new math teacher, Mr Chang, grew his unique collection through a love of animals and over time. He started with traditional pets like dogs and goldfish, but different animals seemed to keep falling into his possession one way or another, until he had more unusual species like chickens,

2017 Galileo Press Staff

2016-2017 Galileo Press Staff EDITORS Ameesia Marold David Zhu REPORTERS Raine Boles Donovan Hasson Tyler Huey Stephanie Ho Joshua Lizardo Daisy Lo Jirayut Mahaprom Angel Salado Joseline Saucedo Francis Roceta Majorie Ruiz LAYOUT Bryan Lam ADVISORS Jeremy Lee {journalism advisor} Mark Huynh {web advisor}

Meet the 2016 Pendulum Staff

By Jessie Jiang Ever wonder who writes the news and updates the Galileo community about the nitty­gritty of the school? As the school year comes to an end, the Galileo Press would like to introduce ourselves to you! Returning as co-­advisors of the 2015­-2016 school year, Mr. Jeremy Lee and Coach Mark Huynh, spent an

2016 Galileo Press Staff

2015-2016 Galileo Press Staff EDITORS Alison Yip {editor in chief} Jessie Jiang {assistant editor} Johnny Ha {copy editor} REPORTERS Andy Cen Ahmed Elmahy Elvis Lau Ashley Moh Sonia Nguyen Courtney Pon Gordon Zhu SPORTS Jerick Anonuevo Elvis Lau GRAPHIC ARTISTS Jonathan Ochoa {art director} Randy Kuang Hui Situ Muhammad Saleh PHOTOGRAPHERS Raymond Cheung {photo director}