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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Student Life

National School Counselor Week

We all know the Galileo counselors do a lot for the school. Since February 5th through 9th is National School Counselor Week, we decided to ask some students and teachers what they appreciate about the counselors. Here are their responses:  

Food Deliveries Offer Students New Options for Lunch

With most students exercising their right to off-campus lunch, it isn’t surprising to see the halls empty during lunch time. Whether it’s going to the corner store, or to Cafe Le, or even to locations in Fisherman’s Wharf, students have many options to choose from. But even with these plentiful locations, students, especially seniors, are

Dragon Boat- more than a “sports” club

While there are many sports to participate in at Galileo, there are also sports that are not officially recognized as a school sport and instead only recognized as a club. With over 60 members at Galileo and thousands participating all over the city there is more than enough interest to make dragon boat a sport,

Engineering Added to Galileo Club Roster

The newest addition to Galileo’s multitude of clubs, the Society of Women Engineers, headed by Ms. Emily Stollmeyer of the physics department, aims to get as many people, not just women, interested in the STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) field as possible. The club meets every Monday during lunch in room 312. The long term goal

Galileo Students Find Working at Icicles a Blast

Most of the time, Galileo students can’t be very picky when it comes to the type of work they get. Most will work whatever jobs are available because most high schoolers usually can’t be choosy, since they’re usually just looking for a little extra money. However, Galileo students working at the popular ice cream shop,

Tall Height Brings Problems For Senior

A familiar spectacle in the Galileo hallways is senior Dominic Juliano towering over the masses that traverse the school. His 6’5” frame leaves many in awe and wonder when he passes by other students. Despite the amazement his height brings, his height also brings many negatives to his daily life.  Everyday Dominic is constantly asked

Graduation Timeframe Changing for Seniors

In prior years, seniors would get out of school a week before graduation, but starting with the senior class of 2018, the senior year end schedule will be altered due to the instructional minutes that seniors must meet and the limited available days at the Bill Graham Auditorium. Last year, the SFUSD was fined for

Why don’t we have heat sometimes ?

By Ameesia Marold, staff writer Brrrr, it’s cold, & the school heating is not helping either. Over the past six weeks of unusually cold weather, Galileo’s heating system has often failed, leaving students and staff freezing. For example, on Friday, January 6th, the school went without heat for the first 3 periods, along with a

Student Government’s Trip to CADA

Leaders from Area B by Ashley Moh Galileo’s student government was once again invited to the annual CADA Leadership Conference on Monday, November 23rd. Galileo has been the only school invited to represent San Francisco for the past 3 years. The event took place at James Logan High School in Union City and it’s purpose

Lion’s Whisper: What are Galileo’s thoughts about the Hoverboard?

by Jessie Jiang and Johnny Ha Hoverboards are starting to take over the Internet! Starting with promotions on Vine to sharing videos on Facebook, Hoverboards have become increasingly popular after videos went viral. Although it is increasingly popular on the Internet, do Galileo students feel the same way?   “The Hoverboard doesn’t require people to

Homecoming: Spirit Week

by Jessie Jiang and Johnny Ha Counting down to the 71st Homecoming Song and Yell Contest on October 2nd, Galileo had a week full of fun themes for students and teachers to show off their school spirit.   Fandom Monday Fandom Monday featured Junior Charles Ransom wearing Warriors gear and…   Seniors, Karen Wong, Max

Lion’s Whisper: Which Athlete Inspires You?

by Johnny Chenh There are people who motivate and inspire us to become better individuals. This segment of Lion’s Whisper focuses specifically on “Athletes who inspire us”-here are some responses from Galileo.   “Misty Copeland inspires me the most because she’s a powerhouse ballet dancer. She became the first African American principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre.

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