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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Students’ Perspective of Ms. Tang

Students typically cast teachers into 1 of 2 categories. Students usually describe teachers as, “He or she is so strict and that class is so hard!” or “She is so nice! Her class is so chill and easy!” However, you rarely find a teacher that draws both responses simultaneously. For many Galileo students who have


Counselors Provide New Course Selection Resources

In order to help students make the most informed decisions possible about choosing classes for next year, the Galileo counseling department has provided students with more resources. Galileo students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade received packets which contained their transcript, along with a course selection worksheet where they are be able to see

Galileo Teachers Take On Student Essays

Every school year Galileo English teachers, spend time reading and grading the IWA (Integrated Writing Assessment), a SFUSD mandated assignment all 9th and 10th graders take. However, the Galileo administration decided that this year all Galileo teachers, regardless of subject area, should read and score the assessments in an attempt to strengthen staff unity. The

Galileo Student Wins MLK Composition and Art Contest

  Galileo Senior Denny Chen won the 22nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Composition and Art Contest, sponsored by The San Francisco Alliance of Black School Educators. Denny’s essay was chosen over high school participants from all over the SFUSD, including Lowell. He was honored at an awards  brunch with the creators of the contest,

ASB struggles without an advisor

The Galileo Associated Student Body was left without an advisor after Mr. Wing unexpectedly suffered a stroke in December.  Without an advisor, they have been limited in the responsibilities they can carry out. They are not able to do things they usually do as part of their jobs; including selling food at the ASB store

Mr. Wing: On the Road to Recovery

With an upbeat spirit, strong mentality, and continued passion for Galileo, Mr. Wing is on the mend from his unexpected stroke on December 24th. While the initial news left Galileo devastated and without an ASB leader, the school has gotten together and demonstrated its support for him in many ways. Much of the updates the

Update on School Drones

Two years ago, Galileo’s former principal, Dr. Reimer, spent $3,000 on drones in order to capture robust photos and videos of school events. The purchase of these drones were controversial because of Galileo’s tight budget; however, after Principal Reimer’s reassignment, the drone’s location have become a mystery. Some of the staff at galileopress did some

Fire drill in the Rain

An unannounced fire drill by the fire department had students standing in the rain during 4th period on Thursday, January 18th. While the school was obligated to comply with the fire departrment, students were unhappy they had to wait in the rain until the drill was over.


Boys Basketball: End of Regular Season Recap

The Galileo Lions won 2 of their last 3 games to reach the playoffs as the 5th seed. The Lions finished the season with a 5-9 record, losing to Lowell (58-44), but bouncing back against Balboa (53-64) and Academy (69-50) to finish the regular season. The Lions were looking for pay back against on February

Wrestling Team Eyeing All-City Championship

After a strong regular season, Galileo’s wrestling team is looking to take home the upcoming All-City championship on February 17th at SOTA. The team will look to avenge their regular season defeat, and dethrone their rival and reigning champions, Lowell High School. The Lions put together a 6-2 record during the season, with their only

Girls Soccer Stays Strong Despite Struggles

Coming in last place in division 1 last season, and with a rough start to this season, the Galileo girls soccer program has been struggling. Despite these difficulties the team has an upbeat attitude and is focused on enjoying the time they have together and improving as a whole, instead of winning games. A lot

Girls Basketball February Update

February has not started out well for the the Galileo Girls Varsity Basketball team, as they dropped games against the Mission Bears (86-32) and the Leadership Griffins (77-35). Although the last few games have been tough for the Lady Lions, they are looking to get back on track and finish the rest of the season

Boys Basketball Recap Week 4

The Galileo Lions began the second round of league play against 2 tough opponents, and could not improve their record. The Lions are currently at 3-7, in 6th place as they dropped games against Washington(36-48), and Mission (87-46). The Lions came out playing great defense in the first 3 quarters, against Washington on Tuesday, January

World Class Cheer Competition 2018

On Saturday January 20th, the Galileo cheer team performed at the World Class Cheer Competition held at San Jose State University. The cheer team placed second in the “varsity stunt with no tumbling” category. Cheer captain Carol Lei says, “Its was a great experience competing against other schools in the Bay Area.”

Soccer Team struggles for Success

The Galileo Soccer team had hopes coming into the season, but the team will have to figure out a way to turn things around quickly as they are currently in 7th place with a 2-6 record. One of the biggest issue for the team is missing players because of grades. In particular, junior Erick Sarat


My Harvard Interview

There is a certain stigma behind the name Harvard, that it is intense, egotistical, prestigious, and even scary. Though it is recognized as a top Ivy League with a world class education, many people are even afraid to apply. Fears of rejection and being surrounded by very intellectual people can be unsettling and intimidating. Despite


Debate: Old School vs. Contemporary Rap

Two Galileo Pendulum writers constantly argue over music. In order to give people an experience of these arguments, the writers decided to write an argumentative piece on rap songs of their choice. Senior Ameesia Marold explains why the song, “Juicy” by Notorious B.I.G. is an all time classic, while senior Eric Der gives his reasoning


Korean Dramas Gain Popularity Throughout Galileo

While it’s common to hear about Galileo students binge watching a show or two over the weekend, another type of show is consuming the free time of Galileo students. Korean dramas are becoming more and more popular among Galileo students for a number of reasons. One main reason Korean dramas are often viewed by Galileo

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Galileo Love Fest 2018

Every February 14th, Galileo celebrates Valentine’s Day by having Wellness host Love Fest in the courtyard at lunch. Love Fest is special because, not only does it spread ideas of love, but it also educates students on the ideas of sexuality, consent, and protection. This education is crucial to the growth of students who may

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Photography Class Takes Inspiration from Adde Adesokan

Last week, Ms. Partridge’s photography class studied Adde Adesokan, a street photographer, and his unique style of capturing the human body. Adde Adesokan’s approach to photography is simple, yet elegant; he captures three shots of the person: the face, the midsection, and the feet. As a class assignment, she had the students replicate his work

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Lunch Crowds

Everyday, Galileo students rush out of their 4th period seats to go find lunch. Some run to the Wharf to be first in line, while others try to get on a bus in order to try and beat the crowds to their favorite food spot. Most of the popular places students go for lunch can


A Valentine’s Day Story: Mr. Welch’s Wedding

  In the spirit of love on this Valentine’s Day, galileopress wanted to showcase Galileo teacher, Mr. Welch, and his relationship with Ms. Sarah Kochalko, a middle school teacher at Herbert Hoover. The two teachers, who met about 5 years ago while trying to receive their teaching credentials and now both currently teach AVID classes,